From  The Garden Room Guide 15th March 2017

Hi Kevin

You will remember that we were chatting with Huw Poppy during his research process. He has just emailed about being featured on the site, which we are going to do. Thought you’d like to see what he said about your team:

Hi Woody,

Thanks for your advice and I thought I’d let you know that I ordered my garden room from My Eco Space and it’s now been built and I’m really please with it. I saw your newsletter today and wondered if you’d like to feature them on your next letter? I’ve taken a string of 12 or so photos from the same angle at different stages of construction as well which have come out quite nice and I’d happily share these and give you some words for a write up (see attached low res samples).

Can’t speak more highly of Kevin and Dave who own the company and all of their fitters were very professional and I would happily recommend this company.

I enjoy reading your newsletter as well!

Kind regards, Huw Poppy


Brent and Val Hemshall 24th Sept 2015
Hello Dave,

We would like to say a massive thank you for building our Garden room /studio
It was a huge decision who to go with, as there are so many different variations on the market.
We had our own ideas and plans but you delivered exactly what we wanted and more.
You went above and beyond our expectations.
The guys worked relentlessly despite some bad weather. They are a great team.
There wasn’t anything that was too much trouble. They took great pride in their work and are very skilled. They are a credit to your company.
Also managing to keep everything tidy all the way through the build.
We actually miss you all now it is finished.
It is a rare commodity these days to be totally satisfied with anything that is built or purchased.
We did point out to you in the very beginning that it would take a lot to please us and that we are picky but we are truly delighted with the end result.
Everyone that has seen it, thinks that it is fantastic.
We would highly recommend you to anybody.
Thank you once again.

Brent and Val

Testimonial from Happy customer Allan Green who’s a life style coach

My ECO Space saved me over £600 per month.

“I used to rent a serviced office in Leeds costing me £860 every month. Then there was the cost of commuting not to mention wasted time sat in traffic jams. Thanks to My Eco Space I now work from a comfortable office in my garden which costs me £249 a month on their flexible finance scheme saving me a massive £600 plus every month. My Eco Space customer service was excellent, the paperwork was completed the same day and the office was constructed in five days with no disruption” Allan Green

Working from home
Working from home is a fantastic option for corporate staff as well as the self employed. Think about it – there’s no daily commute, there’s no two hour chunk at the start and end of each day before you get productive: It’s get up shower, dress, eat and you are good to go.

You are in charge of your environment. You can organise your workspace, the only disruption you are going to have is the phone ringing.

Working at home enables many people to focus and be far more productive. Modern cloud computing and communication systems mean that you can be as connected to the main office as if you were there.

I recently went to see a client at his busy office. He’d just moved into new premises and was having new CCTV fitted – where are the staff? Well they were all able to login from home and have their calls re-routed while the work was being carried out. Simples.

Homeworking is a great opportunity to increase the productivity of people and organisations. For the self employed there is often no choice while businesses are starting and growing there is sometimes no choice! However there are a few thing you need to think about:

Mixing home and work needs to be done carefully to avoid these seven deadly homeworking sins!

Work life pollution!
I’ve seen it I’ve Done it I’m guilty and I know its wrong!
Even people in jobs like teaching and the public sector are terrible at this – piles of books papers, laptops etc. all over the living room, dinning room and even the kitchen! Yes you are getting your work done and its nice and comfy and while you are working late you can be around other people. BUT this means your home is full of work stuff and this has a big negative impact on your ability to switch off. Unless you can separate work and home you’ll never switch off and as a result you are far less productive! You need boundaries between work and home to maintain boundaries to maintain your productivity.

Its just not right sometimes.
If you are used to working in a corporate environment then it’s a real clash of culture to impose that culture into even the spare bedroom. You’ll struggle to get into corporate mode if you are working from your laptop balanced on the breakfast bar. You need an environment with supports your way of thinking and working.

Yes we’ll meet up at my, erm, office at the Costa.
That’s what they’re for and without an office that’s exactly where you end up trying to develop client relationships. And how good do you look!

You cannot be serious!
If you are serious about your work and your career you need to fess up and do something about it. Getting your own premises says that and does that. If you are serious then get serious and make a statement.

There’s plenty of space at home to spread out.
Yes and that’s just the problem. Everything spreads out. Sometimes you need a space you can ring-fence so that you can be as constructive as possible.

Yes, er, this is my new member of staff and she’ll be her thirty hours a week.
I do know people who have done this and it worked for them, but not for long. Building capacity for growing your business is important and you need to plan for that from the moment you start. If your business is going to grow you need to factor that in from the start.

A dedicated separate space is the ideal way to provide a creative supportive environment to allow you to focus, be as productive as possible, get away from distractions, offer a professional service to your clients, and it makes a statement of intent about your seriousness. Taking control and constructing your own ideal environment is the ideal way to achieve this.

Andy Lee
Andy Lee Coaching

My Eco Space completed their first project with Kirklees Council

My Eco Space manufactures garden rooms, offices and external property adaptations.

Following an enquiry from a Kirklees resident who had seen a garden room produced by My Eco Space, the company have worked with Kirklees Council to adapt the property providing a ground floor disabled toilet and wet room facilities.

Where an internal adaptation would have significantly reduced living space and caused significant disruption, the approach taken by My Eco Space meant that the facilities were built on to the back of the house and the resident could stay in his home while the work was being completed.

All My Eco Space structures are manufactured from the highest quality materials which are sustainably sourced and maintenance free. My Eco Space buildings comprise of structural insulated panels (SIPS) with PVC-UE external cladding which is wipe clean and maintenance free. With outstanding thermal performance and reduced energy bills each construction ensures the room or building is heated evenly, with no cold spots.

The Accessible Homes team at Kirklees Council who were overseeing the work on behalf of the resident commented on the excellent quality of the work and were also impressed with how quick the work was completed.

Dave Rogers, Director at My Eco Space says: “Although we were blessed with terrible weather, through forward planning, excellent support from the Accessible Homes Team at Kirklees and no mean feat from our staff, we were able to start and complete the project ahead of schedule. We are a customer driven company and for our first job for Kirklees Council to result in such happy customers is very satisfying”.