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  • ★ A new garden office creates more space and is inexpensive
  • Be the envy of your neighbours with your own office in your garden
  • ★ A new garden office will increase the value of your property
  • Award winning energy saving design
  • ★ Warm, comfortable, affordable, secure garden offices for year round use
  • Save time and money on office rent and travel
  • No Planning permission required under permitted development
  • ★ Turney custom designed a built in 4 weeks from order
  • ★ Includes FREE ground screw foundations no digging, no mess
  • ★ Price includes Delivery and installation
  • ★ SIPS construction-LED lights - sockets - heating - wood floor - fully decorated
  • FREE site survey and no obligation quote
  • ★ A rated toughened double glazing
  • ★ 10 year fully inclusive guarantee

What are Garden Offices?

Garden offices are high specification garden buildings, sited in the garden away from the distractions of the main house. They create a comfortable, secure and professional workspace suitable for a wide range of occupations.

With modern communication systems you can connect to anywhere in the world from your own garden office, this allows many garden office workers to combine a work life balance whilst removing the daily commute. There are significant cash benefits too from working from your own garden office, no more office rent, saving on fuel to mention just a few.

A garden office is not only suitable for remote office workers, in fact more than 50% of business and 4.2 million people work from home. Garden office’s have many benefits as the premises for a small business as they can often be offset against tax, and if you are VAT registered you may be able to reclaim the VAT on the purchase price. Please call or fill in the form for more information, to claim a FREE garden room buyers guide or to book a FREE no obligation site survey and quote

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