Garden Office Buildings

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High quality, affordable garden office buildings for the home garden

Increase the value of your home and say goodbye to your daily commute when you install a garden office building at home. When compared to the monthly cost of renting expensive office space a My Eco Space garden office is also much cheaper. Ask us for a cost of ownership price comparison.


Home-based workers




Home-based workers


Small business owners

I see people shine when they move their start-up business from the back bedroom or dining-room table into their own professional garden office workspace.  Business Development Coach

Choose a style of garden office to match your needs

Offices with pitch roofs have spacious interiors with extra head height. These amazing workspaces are built to impress. Click the image below to see one of our pitch roof builds.

Box and rectangle-shaped buildings with flat roofs are extremely versatile spaces. We can help you choose the right size structure based on your business needs and functionality.

My Eco Space L-shaped structures offer flexibility and look beautiful. If you need to divide your office into different work areas talk to us about what this distinctive layout can offer.

  • Structurally sound garden offices
  • Exceeding building regulations
  • Maintenance free cladding
  • Warm, comfortable interior
  • Superior quality fittings

Did you know?

A growing number of professionals are building, and working from, offices and multi-functioning studios in their gardens. When you consider the benefits you can understand why so many are rethinking where and how they work.

Thank you for designing and building my new art studio..I’m pleased to say I’m very satisfied with the outcome and would be happy to recommend your company.  Terry Sheldrake

More space for what you love

If you are already working from home you may be struggling to work in a small spare room or at the kitchen table. You might also be regularly distracted by pets, children and family members.  Your current environment may be draining your energy and failing to inspire you.

All our customers love their new garden office buildings. Their productivity increases and they gain a new flexible space that meets their exact business needs - and even with a small garden office they frequently say the space is larger and more spacious than expected.


with a 10-year guarantee

A spacious workspace customised for you

All businesses are different and we work hard to create a space that meets your unique needs and requirements. You might not be able to create the office of your dreams in your own house but it is a real option in the garden.

We built a flexible workspace with an office and personal training gym for one client who specified very thick bespoke flooring for the interior. Whatever your line of business we can create a unique working environment which you will love and enjoy for years to come.

A private workspace in your home garden

  • An attractive private space
  • Affordable
  • Self-contained outside of your home

The preferred choice of home-based workers looking for a unique personal space and detached professional working environment.


Running a business from a garden office from handover day

We build and fit everything you need to get started from day one. You may have ordered furniture or special equipment with unconfirmed delivery dates but once we hand over the keys you will be able to switch on the lights, plug-in your coffee machine, call your friends and colleagues and relax in the enjoyment of your new garden office.

Special Customer Requirements

Extra height ceilings

Bespoke exterior wall finishes

High-quality rubber flooring

Additional sound installation

Air filtration system installation

Sprung flooring

Under-floor heating


Built-in furniture

Alarm systems and CCTV

Supplying Original Artwork

The construction team was very efficient and friendly and part of me was sorry to see them go when they’d finished!   Heather Chapman

Ask for a full needs assessment

We scope your garden office project against your operational requirements and business functions. We help you gain more clarity and will save you money in space savings.

Electrics and communications

We install full electrics as standard including connection to suitable mains electricity.  Additional information about build and construction can be found here.

Standard FitOptional Extras including
4-double sockets Climate-control heating and cooling
 LED wide-angle light fittings Remote operation ext canopy lights
 Communications sockets CAT6 broadband connection
 Low energy digital ECO wall heater TV coaxial connection
Image shows exterior lighting which can be operated remotely from your home or driveway.

Image shows exterior lighting which can be operated remotely from your home or driveway.

Security features fitted for peace of mind

We use the highest standard of fixture and fittings available.

Glass is double-glazed and all windows and doors are manufactured to BS7412.