Construction of our UK Garden Rooms

A garden office is a high specification garden building, sited in the garden away from the distractions of the main house. They create a comfortable, secure and professional workspace suitable for a wide range of occupations.

With modern communication systems you can connect to anywhere in the world from your own garden office, this allows you to combine a work life balance whilst removing the daily commute. There are significant cash benefits too from working from home, no more office rent, saving on fuel to mention just a few.

A garden office is not only suitable for remote office workers, in fact more than 50% of business and 4.2 million people work from home. Garden office’s have many benefits as the premises for a small business as they can often be offset against tax, and if you are VAT registered you may be able to reclaim the VAT on the purchase price.

Can I have more than one room? The simple answer is yes, however if you are adding a toilet or kitchen and connecting to the main sewer and water system, you will require building regulation inspection. You may also require planning permission so check with your supplier first. We will help design your solution for you; we provide help and advice with planning regulations. We design your building to comply with local planning regulations.

A correctly designed garden building offers many options especially for a growing business as it offers room to expand. If you think you will be employing staff in the future then adding a toilet and washroom means staff doesn’t have to use the facilities in your house, which creates a clear distinction between the work place and home space.

The flexibility of extra rooms and facilities like toilets opens up the concept of garden office space to occupations such as personal trainers, recruitment agencies, web designers, solicitors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, dentists and beauty therapists. With separate waiting and treatment spaces you could easily set up a professional clinic environment.

Many people fear that a garden office is like a summerhouse only to be used in warmer months. But this is not the case as most garden offices have A-rated insulation and come complete with heating and some cases cooling systems which make them comfortable all year round.

Whilst often referred to as ‘posh sheds’ or ‘cabins’ this couldn’t be further from the truth, they are actually built to the same building reglations as houses, using the same materials and building techniques.

Because you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer, we will design your garden office precisely to your requirements often offering advice on furniture layout and procurement.

Regardless of your age, whether you are very busy and looking to wind down your working life, there is any number of good reasons why you would want to install your own, garden room.

Are you keen on gardening but put off by the ever changing weather with one of our garden rooms you can still enjoy it, with unspoilt views of your garden.

A bespoke garden room is ideal for a growing family needing more space. Our garden rooms provide an attractive alternative building an extension and avoid lengthy planning, increased costs and the upheaval associated with building an extension.

Let’s not forget, once installed a garden room can be used in a variety of ways e.g a garden office, studio rooms, guest bedroom, a place to do homework, watch TV, Entertain or simply a relaxation space.
My Eco Space garden buildings are built from time and tested SIPS (structured insulated panels). SIPS provide excellent thermal values and noise reduction properties. SIPS require minimal energy input to achieve the right temperature regardless of the time of the year. My ECO Space offer a number of styles along with pricing to suit all pockets and budgets.
My Eco Space will design and build a garden room exactly what you want, we take in consideration the available, what it will be used for, and of course, your budget.

All my Eco Space buildings, offer complete flexibility in terms of the size and shape of your garden building but for our bespoke range we aim to use the highest quality materials throughout as standard, this includes high performance glass, engineered oak boards for the flooring, red cedar cladding for exterior finishes, powder coated aluminium window and door frames. And remember you can add as many features as you wish to make your garden building truly bespoke. You can choose from our wide range of additional features  including; acoustics, exterior decking, bi-folding doors, climate control and many more.

For further information simply use the form below to contact us.

All bespoke garden rooms from UK Garden Room are designed & constructed to the latest building regulations standards incorporating the code for sustainable homes.  In the first instance we custom design new bespoke garden rooms on our proprietary software where we produce budget costs, plans and 3D images.

We then send the information to our architect for full drawings, structural calculations and material cutting lists.  This ensures your new garden building will be structural sound and comply with modern building regulations.  UK Garden Rooms are built for year round use and carry a high EPC energy rating.  Our ECO Modular SIPS Building System comprises structural insulated panels for strength, longevity, air tightness and to eliminate cold bridging associated with many timber frame buildings keeping you comfortable in summer or winter.

We commit to providing  eco-friendly buildings which are further enhanced by use of ground screw pile foundations eliminating waste which means less vehicle trips because we don’t need skips or concrete.

Ground Screw pile foundations support a 100mm base frame which in turn carries a 100mm thick interlocking structural insulated panel (SIP) above the ground protected by a vapour barrier ensuring a free flow of air under the building, eliminating the risk of rising damp, and condensation.  Floor covered with engineered wood panels with a choice of colours.

100mm thick Structural insulated panel with a multi-layered section including breathable membrane, 50mm battened external air gap, 25mm battened internal air gap, plasterboard, plaster finish and a choice between A grade Western red cedar wood exterior vertical cladding or Kestrel UPvc maintenance free cladding both with a 30 year guarantee. Internal walls paint finished in colour of your choice

150mm SIPs interlocked with heavy duty roof beams covered with Firestone rubberized roof membrane with 30 year guarantee.  Internal multi-layered with 50mm battened air gap, plasterboard and painted plaster finish.  External gutter and down pipe.

All windows and doors are made to measure and are manufacured to BS7412 ensuring the maximum insurance recognized security.  Maintenance free UPVc in choice of colours and styles including French doors, single or double, sliding patio and bi-fold doors.  Both windows and doors have toughened double glazing for your comfort an security.

Included in the price, we fit as standard full electrical installation including  double sockets, internal low energy 110 degree angle LED lighting, external lighting and Fahro low energy heating system.  Includes connection to main electric supply up to 50Mts

You can tailor the design of your garden office to suit your needs: view the prices, and/or specifications to find the garden office of your choice.

We start with a site survey to check feasibility, ground suitability and measurements and ground level

The site is prepared and the ground screws installed

The base is levelled and construction of the ECO Modular SIPS envelope gets under way

Windows and doors are fitted followed by a breathable membrane wrapped around the building and the rubber membrane laid on the roof 

The building is now ready for the first fix electrics followed by plaster board and plaster skim.

Meanwhile the joiners move to the outside to fit the cladding, rubber roof membrane is glued to the SIPS and  Soffits, fascia’s, gutter and trims are installed .  The garden room is now ready for painting, second fixing of electrics and the floor covering.

After a final check, adjusting of doors and windows the new garden room is completed and ready to hand over to the customer

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